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First SubmittedDec 07 2012
Last updateJun 30
Downloads (total)2,062,389
Downloads (last 30 days)240,476
oQueue is wow's first mesh network implementing a x-realm premade finder which enables users to see groups forming up for:
  • regular battlegrounds
  • rated battlegrounds
  • arenas
  • scenarios
  • dungeons
  • raids
  • challenge modes
oQueue also supports wait lists and ban lists ... which comes in handy to ban bots from entering your bgs, at least on your side. Now you're able to group up with like minded people to maximize your fun! Combine oQueue with ventrilo to greatly enhance your gaming experience

jump to solidice.com for links to video tutorials, the forums for latest posts or the facebook group for the FAQ. also, join us on wow.publicvent.org : 4135 ... we run premades all day long.

Play with people... not bots !
v1.9.5 BUGFIX: player-role picked up on spec change and reload
BUGFIX: raid subtype will change properly
BUGFIX: extra checks for valid group info
BUGFIX: when hopping from LFR to LFR, would quit group to cleanup existing oQueue data. fixed
BUGFIX: will clean up the OQ raid when alone in a group and you're not the OQ leader
BUGFIX: wasn't sending premade info to oqgeneral if only one in group
BUGFIX: waitlist response to same realm wasn't sending
BUGFIX: group member count was inaccurate when in an instance
BUGFIX: who-popped-lust fixed for pve (thx EU's Aniz-Azjol Nerub!!)
UPD: class spec text added to tooltip for in-group and waitlist items
UPD: adjusted de-listing from pending groups when invited. will now de-list appropriately (dead groups will remain until dissolved)
UPD: regular raids will now show up without subtype abbreviation

v1.9.4 BUGFIX: group cleanup
BUGFIX: world boss regional conflicts
BUGFIX: vip invite-all now works
BUGFIX: 'you are not in a ...' addressed
BUGFIX: premade type being set when requesting invite; should only happen on invite issued by RL
BUGFIX: multi-accts able to see group from same acct
BUGFIX: fixed queuing times for regular bg pops
UPD: reduced complexity by removing the old bg queuing code
UPD: queue-pop indicator colors now set by median graph
UPD: appended highest rbg rating obtained to rbg/bg tooltip
add: queue-pop graph on the main premade tab for regular bgs
add: 'check again' button on bad-btag shade
add: 'check again' button on bnet-down shade
add: some arena love; tooltips now show ratings and win-loss
add: class and spec info added to arena tooltip
add: top arena rank appended to arena tooltip
add: count-down clickable PAUSED button on find-premade (grey by default; left-click or shift to toggle, right-click to end)

v1.9.3 BUGFIX: wait list requests were being rejected due to incorrect class. fixed.
BUGFIX: will write to raid channel when in a raid, party when in a party
BUGFIX: seat assignment corrected for new group layouts
BUGFIX: will de-list with any pending groups if you create a group
BUGFIX: leave/join queue button is properly aligned. will be disabled when 'join'; must use honor tab
UPD: '/oq fixui' will now reposition the score marquee
UPD: removed old bg queuing code. cleaned up queue pop response
add: req_token sent w/ pending note to distinquish between multiple subaccts under one btag
add: tooltip extra added to display the reason the user isn't qualified for a group
add: hover over tooltip on main premade tab will now show time latency if the queue is popped

v1.9.2 BUGFIX: moved LoadAddOn("Blizzard_PVPUI") in order to initially populate pvp ratings
BUGFIX: non-tables passed to tbl.delete will be handled properly
BUGFIX: pending info will survive reload (why didn't i hear about that sooner??)
UPD: loot-acceptance will only popup for normal or heroic instances
UPD: loot-acceptance response will only echo to instance chat on 'do not accept' and 'reject and leave'
UPD: russian language update (thx Efzet!)
UPD: pending groups will say 'pending' in a flat click label instead of a button
UPD: main premade updates for battleground count down solo queues
UPD: clicking the dice will pop up the raffle shade as well as signal icebox to go to the page
UPD: battleground groups on the find-premade list will now display group composition; #tanks, #heals, #dps
add: cmdline option to toggle queue time differences: /oq raw
add: loot-acceptance dialog on setup panel
add: hitting escape will close the loot-method-acceptance dialog
add: loot-acceptance 'do not accept' now has a 4 sec cooldown
add: 'x' in the corner ofloot-acceptance
add: cmdline to list pending info; /oq pending
add: groups you're pending with will show a note if you're eligible to post a note for the leader
add: user's notes appear to the right on the wait list
add: filter will now look for difficulty and size of raid; ie: soo10 & heroic , soo25 & normal

v1.9.1 BUGFIX: verify group and slot numbers
BUGFIX: removed forced PVPUIFrame load. would force load before player exclusion preference loaded
UPD: won't clear a marker if none set on the main premade tab; allows for manual setting
UPD: modified hop such that if a msg arrived via b.net w/ a TTL of 0, it would dump into oqgeneral to tell the realm
UPD: 'time drift' on the setup panel now reflects variance from scorekeeper time
UPD: if qualified is checked, groups in an active bg will not be seen
add: loot method acceptance dialog; results of your choice will echo to chat, thereby providing a record for Blizz

v1.9.0 UPD: send_xrealm now queue'd with all msg'ing
UPD: oq_ping_user now queue'd with all msg'ing
UPD: increased realm spread from 4 to 7 for wider coverage
UPD: group ad cycle reduced from 30 seconds down to 20 seconds
add: insured oq-checks won't happen more then once every 5 seconds (wow msgs triggering too often)
add: bundled msgs to reduce the quantity of msgs sent between realms

v1.8.9 BUGFIX: mesh-tags will no longer be cleared on reload. remove-now should catch many more (if not all) now
BUGFIX: raid lockout issue (thx swazi!)
UPD: restricted the oq protocol check to no more then 20 msgs/sec when bnet cycles; should lower traffic
UPD: german translation modification
UPD: new hints
UPD: help, hints, and raffle info shades will pop up if not seen in 7 days (esc closes)
UPD: special case realm name for "Chants ├ęternels" (thx obscene!)
UPD: btags will now be held once obtained (bnet could send back nil btags)
UPD: changed boss death detection (thx Xellis!)
add: 'remove now' changed to 'all', 'offline', and '5'
add: play2play raffle info shade
add: if icebox is loaded and running, some url links are clickable
add: support for icebox lookups
add: check for bnet connection before every BNSendGameData (just in case)
add: icebox integration; with icebox enabled and active, clicking group on find-premade will pop up leader's armory
add: icebox integration; with icebox enabled and active, clicking urls in oQueue windows will jump to the page

v1.8.8d BUGFIX: waitlist armory link now set properly for non-US regions (thx Genrix!)
BUGFIX: if raid lockout is expired, will now show 0/N bosses completed (thx Pawsed!)
BUGFIX: color-blind-mode setting held between sessions (thx Maddace!)
UPD: optimized fill_match
UPD: armory link now points to 'advanced' instead of 'simple'
UPD: 'clear filters' will now insure SHIFT is not down and the list is not paused
UPD: removed bloat
UPD: added special EU realm name for "Temple noir" to match "Templenoir"

v1.8.8c BUGFIX: brazilian premade check
BUGFIX: expired lockouts solved (thx Zorrial!)
UPD: reduced premade info pulse from 5 times/min to 3 times/min (cuts bandwidth)

v1.8.8b BUGFIX: brazilian premade check
UPD: reduced premade info pulse from 5 times/min to 3 times/min (cuts bandwidth)

v1.8.8 ** HARD RESTART REQUIRED ** (new files)
BUGFIX: initial premade type set properly
BUGFIX: misspelling yu'lon
BUGFIX: cleaned up count next to raid subtype render
BUGFIX: spyglass filter will be initially unchecked
UPD: initial join oqgeneral channel time jumped from 5s to 15s
UPD: if you hit 'create' on the premade tab as a group leader but not the oQueue leader, it will harddrop and create (thx lilhealz!)
UPD: no-voice icon changed
UPD: french translation update (thx Alathea!!)
UPD: added brazilian servers to oceanic list for world boss checks
UPD: updated boss nicknames
UPD: raid subtype color update: flex
UPD: spyglass filter will now check raid abbreviation
UPD: progression info now only for 10N, 10H, 25N, 25H
UPD: logbook font reduced to fit text
add: raid progression shown on status area
add: live updating raid status info (will push an update every 20s when in the instance; RL only) (thx EasyE!)
add: karma button on the top left button bar
add: lang-type: korean (translation pending)
add: giving karma will now effect the giver. +10 pts given yields +1 karma. -10 pts given yields -1 karma
add: checking qualified will now check raid lock conflicts
add: left-clicking minimap wait-list count will open wait-list; right-click will invite-all
add: checking qualified will now verify oceanic and non-oceanic realms for 'world boss' raid groups
add: wait-list rejection over raid lockout conflict
add: will leave oqgeneral channel if channel 1 and attempt to rejoin 15 seconds later

v1.8.7 ** HARD RESTART REQUIRED ** (new files)
BUGFIX: insure group structure recovered properly
BUGFIX: protect against double reporting boss kills
BUGFIX: paperdoll glitch
BUGFIX: spyglass filter will now uncheck when 'clear filters' is pushed
UPD: optimized group recovery function
UPD: preventatived measures to minimize gear window bugs (thx woozles!)
UPD: changed around how the joining of oqgeneral works so it won't join until in world, allowing general to grab #1
add: group leaders only - wait list count next to minimap icon (thx temptamp!)
add: will remember the last tab you were on when next popped up

v1.8.6 BUGFIX: unknown voip-selection nil
BUGFIX: time bug (local 'now' undefined on initial pass)
BUGFIX: catch old-btag-cache issues
BUGFIX: nWaiting and nMembers default to 0
BUGFIX: confirm nWaiting is not nil before comparison
UPD: create premade description limited to 35 character input
UPD: tweaked width of filter drop downs to account for wider selections (oceanic)
UPD: removed OQ_toon. character level data dependency now removed
UPD: no warnings about bnet being down or role not set until after full load
UPD: removed raid experience from req-invite msg to cut msg length
add: voip-type: wow in-game voip (in-raid, same realm only; blizz limitation)
add: lang-type: dutch
add: lang-type: swedish
add: lang-type: arabic (UAE flag)
add: red or blue highlight around gear icon to indicate pvp or pve gear on the inspectframe and paperdoll
add: setup checkbox to toggle gear highlight (default is on)
add: 'qualified' will also remove any premades with a full wait list
add: voip and language flags on the main premade tab above notes
add: class portrait check against nil oq.toon
add: initialization bug catch; will alert if init failed

v1.8.5 BUGFIX: initial height irregularity
BUGFIX: battle.net links will now use GetLocale() to pick up the language and GetCVar("realmList") to pick up the region
BUGFIX: dialog box text re-aligned to center after use
BUGFIX: rated bgs weren't filtering properly
UPD: reworded hint #5 and appended hint #21
UPD: RIGHT-CLICK the clear-filters button will disable all filter choices
UPD: sorted filter and selection pull downs; unspecified and US at the top
UPD: made sure to wait 12 seconds before joining oqgeneral to allow general and trade to grab 1 and 2
UPD: find-mesh will now clear your time adjustment and join oqgeneral if appropriate
add: italian translation (Thx B1G3M!!)
add: count next to voip and language filter selection
add: exclusion filters for premade, voip and language types (toggle by right-clicking the selection on the find-premade filter list)
add: clear-filters button on the find-premade tab will reset the list
add: cmdline option: /oq findmesh
add: voip-type: razer (thx Flaim!)
add: lang-type: Turkish (thx Royfokker!)
add: lang-type: Euro (General)
add: lang-type: Greek
add: voip selection now required for group leaders (no-voice is an option)
add: version requirement. ppl will be auto-rejected from waitlisting if they are more then one version back
add: premade-type: roleplay ; groups will be raids and loot should be settable by the RL
add: if you're in a premade or running one and wait-list for another group, you'll be prompted to leave/disband your current group
add: cmdline option: /oq delist

v1.8.4 ** HARD RESTART REQUIRED ** (new files)
BUGFIX: default value for onSizeChanged
BUGFIX: removed pvp rank from scenario tooltips
UPD: main premade tab will now resize properly
UPD: lots of bug chasing to clear out bad, lost or duped rows
UPD: additional resize elements
UPD: tooltip for pve progression updated for SoO
UPD: resized setup panel properly
UPD: mesh tags will no longer clear before being found on the friends list (ppl would clear and those yet to accept would be forgotten)
UPD: removed oqgeneral connection; now only connected to oqchannel
add: cmdline option to completely clear log and re-initialize it; /oq log clear
add: cmdline option to list outstanding mesh tags; /oq show meshtags
add: cmdline option to wipe btag mesh cache; /oq clear meshtags
add: new qualfiers for group creation (voip, language, role and class)
add: new filters on find-premade; pulldown for voip and language type
add: new columns on find-premade; will show voip and language flag
add: x-faction scorekeeper relay
add: ctrl+left-click on find-premade or the wait-list will popup a wowarmory link; copy/paste into your browser
add: auto-hide friend requests will now turn off the b.net notification as well as hide the yellow text
add: hint-shade

v1.8.3c UPD: main premade tab will now resize properly
UPD: lots of bug chasing to clear out bad, lost or duped rows

v1.8.3 ** HARD RESTART REQUIRED ** (new file)
UPD: list refresh issues
UPD: spanish translation update (thx Yllelder!)
UPD: french translation (thx Alathea!)
UPD: clearing premades will also clear local leaders (/oq clear premades)
add: vertical resize thumb in lower right
add: find-premade row height adjustment; range: 15-30 cmdline: /oq set rowheight [n]
add: ui height resize capability; range: 400-1000 cmdline: /oq set height[n]
add: check against nil channel
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