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First SubmittedApr 02 2006
Last updateFeb 18
Downloads (total)1,793
Downloads (last 30 days)782

keyclone is a p2p, unicasting keyboard emulator.

keyclone links applications together...enabling you to hit 'F1' within one application, and having that key simultaneously sent to each of the other applications keyclone is managing. it will also send those same keys to any other keyclones you may have linked in, which in turn will distribute the keys to the applications they are managing.


video: 5 WoW, 1 machine... 1 keyclone


one time US$19.99 payment

Coming soon

Keyclone Forums

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    gcoronado724Spackle 05:09a   Apr 06

    Transfer never actually sends email

    Irocubabe3tiny 04:37p   Mar 19

    Two Computers

    Mortalita0Mortalita 06:53p   Mar 17

    key clone keeps crashing on my 3rd box

    louzer0louzer 03:50a   Mar 16


    Dampfi0Dampfi 01:57p   Mar 11

    How can I put a delay when launching clients.

    Phanes4Phanes 11:00a   Mar 11

    Keyclone download missing?

    undeadbanana2undeadbanana 05:30a   Mar 05

    Setup Wizard crashing

    Caileanmor1tiny 11:17p   Mar 03

    Keyclone - maximizer

    salomonster4salomonster 09:24p   Mar 01

    Keyclone Serial

    salomonster5salomonster 04:36p   Mar 01


    gcoronado722tiny 07:35p   Mar 05
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